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April showers bring May flowers April 6, 2010

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Let’s hope so

I haven’t posted in a while for various reasons.  First I was focused on packing and getting ready for my trip to America (as Deb pointed out I’m definitely residing in a foreign country when I say “America”).  Then, I was in “America” and insanely busy as I knew I would be.  And then my return to Taiwan brought some unexpected events with it, and I’ve been a little down and out.  However, after a fun weekend at Spring Scream Festival in Kenting with the girls, I’m starting to feel a little better and felt it’s probably time for an update.  The point of this blog is my time in Taiwan so I want to stay focused on that and not ramble about what’s really taking over all my spare thoughts right now.  My solution was to start a new secret blog just for me  and complete strangers where I can get out all of the crap going through my mind without having to bore the people who know me on this blog (props to Sara for the idea 😉 )

Therefore, I will share a great moment I had at school.  Like I said, last week was a hard one.  Probably my most difficult one yet this year.  It took a lot of focus and energy to not tear up while at school and concentrate on doing my job.  (I wasn’t always successful.)  On Friday, I was at my second favorite school out of the two =) and just not feeling well.  I could not get rid of that “punched in the stomach” feeling all morning while dealing with my fourth graders.  In the afternoon I had my sixth graders and they quite literally turned my mood completely around.  You hear teachers say all the time that a bad class ruined their day but how often do you hear about a class completely lifting your spirits?  I ❤ those two classes and am so grateful for their positive attitudes and fun personalities!

Spring Scream Festival was a blast and full of new experiences.  Aside from my sunburn, it was a perfect weekend.  I won’t go into all the details of my new experiences but I will say that one was hitchhiking!  I know, I know, sounds super dangerous right?  But, first, Taiwan is waaay safer in general than just about anywhere in the United States.  Second, this was a huge hippie music weekend in a really chill surfer town.  Third, there were 4 of us and who is really going to pick up 4 people and try to kill them all??  Anyway, it was exciting and fun and better than walking the whole way in the sweltering heat =)

I left my camera battery in the States so I’ll post some pics when the other girls put theirs up.


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