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6 days March 14, 2010

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I’ll be in America in 6 days!  Weird!  I’m fairly certain I’m going to have a bit of culture shock.  I’m also afraid of being over-stimulated really easily.  Here, I am constantly surrounded by signs written in and people speaking Chinese.  Therefore I’ve mastered tuning things out.  I think when I first experience being in a place where I’m surrounded by a language  I comprehend, I’m going to struggle.  But, we’ll see.  I am super excited for Lanesha’s wedding (the reason I’m coming home) and I have a PACKED week of visits and plans.

I haven’t been posting much at all, but I honestly think of things to post at least once a day.  It’s just by the time I get home I forget, or I get sucked into something else.  1 new thing is that I joined a gym.  It’s big and really nice, and aside from the exercise equipment and pool, there are a ton of different classes to choose from that are included in my package.  Right now in my “girl funk” class we’re learning the Nobody dance (which will only mean something to you if you live in Asia) For the rest of you, youtube search Wondergirls, “Nobody”  It is a HUGE hit right now from Korea…actually it has been a huge hit for several months now.

I really want to do an entire post on “driving in Taiwan.”  It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and just never get around to doing it.  Maybe now that I’ve said it here, I’ll do it very soon in my next post =)