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Highway 11 February 3, 2010

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Highway 11 runs along the Eastern Coast of Taiwan and is sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean.  It’s incredible.  You can’t imagine how scenic the drive is.  Jacque, Brandi, Linda and I took our scooters out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and cruised south through Hualien County.  Oh and Jewel, Linda’s dog, she went too =)  We took the hour and a half route to the Tropic of Cancer marker, stopping at a few beaches along the way.  The drive was fantastic, but also a little scary.  We all know how accident prone I am so I’m not always 100% comfortable while driving my scooter.  So driving along curvy mountain roads at 80-90km/h made me a little nervous.  BUT it was beautiful and worth the slight scariness (and the sore tushy after 5 hours on the scooter).  The pictures don’t do it justice, I want to make the drive again in the spring on the back of someone’s scooter or in a car so that I can videotape the drive =)


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