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another notch in the scooter crash belt =O January 12, 2010

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GEEZ!  What is the deal?  This time it wasn’t my fault, really.  There was actually someone else involved besides me and the pavement.  So here’s the story (and for once I’m going to try to shorten it instead of over-detail it=) )

I was turning left at this intersection behind a truck.  Well after turning, the truck stopped, abruptly, which I then had to do the same.  I ended up stopped right, right behind it.  Then I saw its little white reverse lights go on and went into a full-fledged panic.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with scooters, but there’s no such thing as throwing it into reverse and hitting the gas.  Reversing consisted of putting my feet down and pushing back as fast as I could.  I was also trying to get my brain to focus on honking the horn while back pedaling but I found it very difficult to concentrate on the 2.  I managed a honk right as the truck was backing over the front of my scooter.  It got knocked to the side and I tried to hop off but my leg was caught under it.  I didn’t get hurt really (maybe I should have mentioned that from the beginning haha)  my foot and ankle are just a little scratched and bruised.  Nothing like last time.  But this one felt worse because I didn’t know if the truck would stop and I was just watching myself getting squished under it.  awful.  It turned into a big ordeal because they tried to leave?!?!  and I had to stop them and call Doris and have her talk to them and then have her drive over and by the time she got there he had called his insurance company (it was some sort of business truck) and a cop had arrived.  He tried to tell everyone that I had run into the back of him.  When Doris told me that I turned around and just stared at him with my mouth wide open.  I then retold the story using big gestures so everyone could understand that I saw brake lights come on and I was trying to move backwards, not forward.

End result, I’m okay and my scooter runs, lots of new cracks and scratches, but runs.  If I discover I’m more injured than I realize or my scooter doesn’t work I can call his insurance company and they’re going to take care of it.

I will say I should have put a bit more distance between us because  I know better with the unpredictable way people drive here.


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