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So I have this boyfriend and he’s super cool… December 5, 2009

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and he’s coming to see me in 23 days!!!!   AH!  I’m so excited.  Aside from the fact that I miss him like crazy and cannot wait to see him, I’m super excited for someone from my life at home to witness my life here.  It’s strange but they’re such different worlds and I would love for every single person in my life at home to come here at some point but I know the plane ticket cost alone prevents most from being able to do that.  I keep talking to my friend Karin here about the culture shock we’re going to go through…when we go home.  When we got here, yes life was different, people spoke a different language, yada yada, but there are many of us here in the same situation.  We talk to each other all the time about what we’re going through and compare experiences.  When we get home, we have to merge our way back into our old life while at the same time feeling so different.  And no one will be there to understand.  As much as I can’t wait to be home and see everyone, I think it will be hard.  So having one of my favorite people here to see my city, my apartment, my schools, my favorite hang out spots… it’ll be really great.  =)

Plus, he’s never traveled out of the country before and I highly advise everyone to do it at some point in their life.  It’s just such an incredible experience and something I LOVE so if he could catch the travel bug too that would be groovy.

OK that’s all I wanted to say =D


One Response to “So I have this boyfriend and he’s super cool…”

  1. mkavanaugh1 Says:

    Have you been watching the Brady Bunch? Groovy? Groovy!

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