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Exploring Hualien October 19, 2009

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We’ve been here for about two and a half months now and are still finding new and beautiful places to explore!  Hualien really is incredible and I’m so glad I was placed here =)  Yesterday we took advantage of the movie theater’s October discount and saw Surrogates.  It was decent…I don’t really have much to say about that.  Then we met up with Jacque and Linda in the city.  We found some new stores that were really cool and a Mexican restaurant!  You have no idea how excited I was to have sour cream lol!  We also met some new people around the city.  We met a guy from Africa who has lived here off and on for 15 years and his 2 little boys.  They were half African half Taiwanese with long dreads and BEAUTIFUL faces!  Absolutely the most adorable children I’ve ever seen.  He had a friend with him who was Canadian and they said there is a big group of foreigners who all hang out together on Friday nights at this bar in town.  So we’re excited to check out this bar sometime and hang out with other foreigners living in Hualien!  We also met this really siiiick break dancer.  We saw this battle going on and he was by far the best one.  Then we ran into him later on and started talking to him.  I told him I video taped some of it and asked if he cared if I put it on youtube.  Not only did he not care, he said I could video tape some more sometime, put it on youtube, and let him know what people have to say.  ALSO, he dances at a studio and I’m going to go with him on Thursday to check out the studio and maybe start taking some hip hop classes!  I’m super excited about that =)

Today, we met Jacque and Linda in the city again and Linda had some work to do but said we could borrow her scooter.  So today was the first day, ever, that I got to drive a scooter…aaaaaannndd it was the first day I crashed a scooter =-o   oops!  It’s very difficult to explain how it happened but i ended up inside the cement hole still straddling the scooter with it on it’s side on top of me.  Some old guy walking by helped me get the scooter out along with some family walking by that gathered round.  I was mortified!  It did a fairly decent number on my legs and I have some swelling and bruising.  I’m fairly certain I’m going to be in a lot more pain in the morning.  As much as my super sweet boyfriend would like for that to be my last time driving a scooter, I’m still looking to buy a used one.  Especially after driving one today, aside from the wreck, I really loved the independence and being able to get around on my own.  Cassandra and I only get to go somewhere new if someone else finds it and takes us there.  I won’t be able to stand that for another 7 months.  BUT, I have learned that I cannot handle a 125cc, it is just too heavy for me.  I’ll have to get a 90cc and I will drive SUPER slow and stick to places I know for a long time.

So aside from the small incident, we had a fun day today too.  We found this adorable cottage/museum place that I loved!  I can’t wait to see what else they have there in the next few months.  We also went to a great beach location and I got to hear what has become my all time favorite sound in the world, the rocks clinking over each other after the tide comes in and then goes back out.  It is the best sound I’ve ever heard.  I want a CD of that sound.  Now it’s way past my bedtime because it’s back to school tomorrow to teach all about Halloween!!


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