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AND….it’s still raining! October 14, 2009

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This rain, geesh!  It did not end up stopping in time for me to go shopping for our guests friday night (Karin, Staycie, and Avrum came to visit from Taipei) so I rode my bike in the rain to the grocery store, not fun.  However, we did have a fun weekend despite the rain.  As I’ve said many times before to people, the teachers at Nanhua are incredible and one of them let me borrow her car this weekend.  I got her car Friday night to pick our friends up from the train station.  They didn’t get in until 9:30 that night so it gave Cassandra and I plenty of time to prepare and insane amount of food ( I really really love having a kitchen). 

We ate and just visited Friday night, then got up Saturday morning to go into the mountains and to Liyu Lake.  Unfortunately it was raining, so they didn’t get to see the full beauty of the mountains.  We were going to go to the Cultural Center for more festival activities for stone sculpture month, BUT, the rain prevented us from doing that.  Instead we went into the city for dinner at this great Japanese restaurant, some people got massages and some of us shopped around, then we went to a couple bars.  We tried to go to Crazy Bar, which we saw across the street from our restaurant, and we were starting to think there weren’t any bars in Hualien.  However, it wasn’t open yet so we went next door to another “bar” to have some Taiwan beer and wait.  We were the only people in there but naturally, they had karaoke so we had a blast singing American music from the 80’s and 90’s.  After A LOT of singing, we walked over to crazy bar and low and behold, Hualien City actually has a dance club!  Who knew?!?  (Well, apparently Karin knew the whole time haha)  Shortly after walking in we found out it cost 180NT each to stay there, i guess kinda like a cover charge, so we didn’t end up staying.  But you better believe we’ll be heading back there sometime =)

Sunday we ate a big homemade breakfast (pancakes, eggs, toast, and sausage)  mmmmm!  Then we went to the movies since they’re so cheap for the month of October.  We saw the Ugly Truth and I can’t decide how I feel about Katherine Heigel but it was a funny movie.  After the movie we had to return our pals to the train station and then I spent the rest of the afternoon planning for this week.  I get to start my Halloween unit now, yay!  I’ve found a lot of great stuff and I’m excited to introduce them to a major American holiday =)


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