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Earthquake number….I don’t even know October 5, 2009

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I’ve lost track of earthquakes because there were some small ones I felt and then some that my roommate asked if I felt but I didn’t and I’m sure others that we didn’t feel at all.  However, yesterday there was a big’n!  I was actually talking to Chris on Skype about 1:30am when it hit.  I was like “Oh my gosh it’s an earthquake…oh my gosh…oh my gosh….” you get the idea.  My picture frames started falling over and I sat up real fast and just closed my eyes.  I think at one point I was even telling him “make it stop, make it stop….” lol!  I checked online after I woke up and it was a 6.3, yikes!  Even the Taiwanese are starting to get a little concerned about all the big earthquakes going on in Southeast Asia right now.

We’re also having a typhoon right now.  It’s pretty mild as far as wind goes but the rain has been crazy!  It will just not stop.  It really needs to stop in the next day or two because we have some shopping to do for our guests coming to visit this weekend =)

Ok so last weekend was the weekend of 2 major events.  First, Saturday was Moon Festival which is a Holiday in Taiwan on the full moon sometime during the lunar calendar i believe but ended up in October for us.  People just have BBQ’s and give moon cake gifts to each other and eat Pomelos.  Pomelos are a fruit they have here that kind of belongs to the orange/tangerine/grapefruit family but with less color to it.  They peel the pomelo, eat the inside, and then kids wear the pomelo peel as a hat haha.  The other major event is Stone Sculpture month in Hualien County.  Hualien hosts sculptors from various countries for one month.  They give them a tent outside the cultural center with a block of stone.  They have one month to make their sculpture and then Hualien keeps their sculptures to be placed around the outside of the cultural center.

Saturday we went to the movies (yes we saw a movie in English haha) because the theater is only $100 a ticket for the month of October in honor of the stone sculpture month.  Then later that evening there was a huge parade through the city with music, dancing, fireworks and so on so Jacque and I rode her scooter alongside the parade and joined in the fun lol  Then we met up with Cassandra and teachers from her school who were participating in a drum festival.  Apparently they have something going on every night all month for the stone sculptors!  Which means we’ll have some fun stuff to do with out guests next weekend =)


2 Responses to “Earthquake number….I don’t even know”

  1. mkavanaugh1 Says:

    What guests?

  2. smola1022 Says:

    Those buildings are built for quakes. Besides the swaying back and forth and feeling of vertigo, you’re completely safe! =]

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