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great day today…def top 5 September 23, 2009

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Wednesdays are good days in general.  They come after Tuesday, my worst day of the week so are automatically going to be better than the day before, haha.  Also, I don’t teach any classes on Wednesday.  It’s a half day for the kids and then we have professional development after lunch.  However, it’s usually in Chinese so I don’t have to go =)  Except for once a month, when I am the professional development and I teach the teachers English, which was today.  I spent the morning planning my lesson.  The director asked me a couple weeks ago to do a lesson on various foods and sentence patterns for dining.  I also teach the teachers a mini lesson every monday morning for about 15 mins.  So, for the past 2 Mondays we’ve been working on basic food vocabulary (breakfast, lunch, dinner, chicken, pork, beef, soup, salad, sandwich) and sentence patterns:

 “What would you like for (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?”

“I’d like a/some ____________”

“What did you have for breakfast?”

“I had _________________”

“Are you full?”

“Yes, I’m full”  or “No, I’m still hungry”

So after they learned those over the past 2 weeks today I wrote an “At the restaurant” dialogue.  My director, the military boy and I role played the scene, while the teachers read along with copies of the dialogue.  Then they got into groups of 3 to practice.  After 30 minutes each group took a turn performing the scene.  It was sooo much fun!  We laughed a lot and they got really into the them of my restaurant scene…Mexican Food!!!! mmmmmm, my favorite haha.  I taught them all about tacos and quesadillas and burritos and they totally loved it. 

It was really cool to watch them all recite my scene =)


2 Responses to “great day today…def top 5”

  1. mkavanaugh1 Says:

    I just caught up on the last three blogs. Very interesting, except the reply from the person who calls you Joan, I said “ah, but this is giving me a heahache, dizziness, and making me crosseyed”. I think I will start having Lexi tell her teachers good morning! Just joking, I do not think she will go for that.

  2. smola1022 Says:

    now THAT is something that should be up on youtube! maybe you’ll become a famous playwright over there or something. glad that your adult lessons are going well!

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