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goodmorningteachertaranicetoseeyouhaveaniceday September 17, 2009

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haha, my title is what i hear ALL day everyday at Nanhua.  The 5th and 6th graders have learned to say this whenever I pass…everytime, haha.   It’s always all run together and has a singsongy tone to it.  The younger kids just say “goodmorning teacher tara” even after noon.

I’m middle school at home so this is very different, but do elementary school teachers in America have students running up to them in the hall to scream out what they learned in class that day?  (Nesh?)  Haha, my students get sooo excited!  They’ll run towards me saying “Hello! My name is Andy! What’s your name?!” or “The weather is sunny!!”

I love it

My other school, that’s a bit of a different story.  Most of the kids there really are great, and I love my English Club.  So when I complain, I’m not saying it’s horrible, like worse than in the states.  It’s just difficult.  Percentage-wise, there are far less “naughty” kids than my classes at home.  Out of my 300 kids I have 10 or less who would be considered “bad.”  Even within those, I’ve found in my 3rd week that only 3 or 4 are really bad, the rest i’ve figured out how to manage.  I CANNOT complain about 3 or 4 difficult kids out of 300 haha, but it’s just hard with the language barrier.  I have to put in twice as much effort to literally show them what they’re doing wrong, what I expect them to do, and what the consequences will be if they don’t.  I actually think only seeing them once a week is more of a problem than then language barrier.  They have a whole week to forget what we went through or assume that I’ll forget and act up again.  So when I try new things, I just have to wait until the following week to find out if there are results.

Anyway, that’s about all for this update, I just wanted to share some things about the teaching aspect.  Tonight when I get home I might do another one about my visit to Taipei last weekend!


2 Responses to “goodmorningteachertaranicetoseeyouhaveaniceday”

  1. Siri Says:

    Your descriptions of your current teaching experiences, and the challenges and successes are very interesting to read. Thanks for letting us vicariously experience your adventure.

  2. Johnson Says:


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