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how did people live without the internet? September 10, 2009

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I often find myself wondering how on earth people lived without the internet.  Thank goodness for internet discussion boards. A place where people can post the most weird or random problems and find not only others with the same problem but an answer?  It’s amazing!  I’ve been trying to figure out what in the heck is going on with my lips.  They started out feeling dry and I thought it had to do with my dehydration.  (I got really dehydrated last week and am trying to remember to drink lots of water)  So I just kept putting on chapstick and drinking water.  Then I started waking up with swollen lips.  Then I realized I had these teeny tiny little bumps along my lip that I can feel, but other people can’t see.  Now this has happened once or twice before but it was awhile ago and I don’t remember how I got rid of them.  I searched on the internet and found several articles that didn’t apply to my problem and then this one discussion board with person after person saying “oh yes, I have those same little bumps”  just like me.  Finally a person at the end said, “It’s a bacteria from using one chapstick for too long.  Throw away the chapstick immediately and it will get worse, but then dry up and get better.”  So I looked at my chapstick and sure enough, now that i look at it, it is a little discolored in that center part (gross right?) lol and I have had for a long time.  Without the internet I would have been continuing to put that bacteria filled stuff on my lips 72 times a day like I have been, geez!

I know, I know, this entry has absolutely nothing to do with Taiwan, haha


2 Responses to “how did people live without the internet?”

  1. roomie Says:

    OMG ROOMIE!!!!! You won’t believe this. my lips are doing the SAME THING!!! My eyes we like BUGGED while reading this because I’m going through it and I’m gonna try what you tried!

  2. taiwantara Says:

    It worked! I mean, I think I’m a little bit addicted to my new medicated lip gel stuff because my lips automatically feel dry if I don’t have it on, haha, but no more bumps, or pain, or cracking. As soon as I tossed the old chapstick it was better within 24hrs!

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