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I get it now September 7, 2009

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The whole telling me I need to exercise, calling me fat, or that my “weight is too much, need to be less” has been very confusing for me because I see plenty of larger Asians here.  I mean, I’m sure their percentage of overweight people is far less than America’s but I see several people larger than me every day.  Today, a teacher from my roommate’s school took us shopping for some school clothes.  Well when I put on the XXL pair of capris and they fit, that’s when I finally understood, LOL.  XXL?!?! sucks man!  I met an Asian teacher who is SLIGHTLY overweight, and she said she gets comments all the time so I guess I just need to learn to dust it off and not focus on the size on the tag.

On a brighter note, I got to go to the beach twice this weekend and absolutely loved it!  I’ll be posting pictures here and maybe a video on youtube sometime when it’s not going on midnight on a school night, but for now just a short update and then bed (I’m too tired to wait any longer for a certain someone to WAKE UP!)  =D

I also now understand why people don’t really swim in the ocean here.  Aside from it being ghost month and they’re afraid ghosts of their dead will pull them into the water, the waves are insane!  They are so high and come crashing onto the shore, plus, it doesn’t have a steady decline like the beaches we go to, just a sudden drop off.  I tried to ease in just slightly, to my ankles, but no such thing.  You can be not in the water at all and then suddenly the waves come crashing in and you’re getting soaked.  AND the freaking ocean stole my flip flops right off my feet!  It took one, I went chasing after it (well the best chasing job I could do without falling over myself in the waves) but couldn’t catch it.  Defeated, I turned around to go back and there goes my only remaining shoe!  It was sooo not cool.  However, once the tide went back out we found my flip flops sticking out of the sand LOL, soo they were recovered =)

I really can’t explain how amazing the ocean and mountains are here, especially when they meet each other.  Hopefully my pictures turned out somewhat decent when I check them out tomorrow.  To be continued…


5 Responses to “I get it now”

  1. Emily Says:

    Tara!! I love your beach pictures!! I also watched your video on YouTube. Pretty cool over there!! I hope your classes are going great!!

  2. Mom Says:

    Ouch, how are those rocks to sit on? Are they all flat??

  3. taiwantara Says:

    many of them are flat from the tide coming in and out (there’s a name for that process that I’ve been trying to come up with and it’s just not coming to me, maybe Lexi learned it in Science haha)
    It wasn’t horrible to sit on but it’s definitely not soft sand.

    • Terri Says:

      How’s the shelling? Any cool stuff to collect and bring home?
      Do you have to be concerned about sharks and/or jellyfish if you would try to go swimming? I guess the water is really warm there.

      • taiwantara Says:

        It’s all rocks so no cool shells. But there are really cool rocks. I haven’t attempted swimming because the waves are bigger than my head ever right up on the beach, haha. There is a tourist beach that we haven’t tried yet, and that’s where people swim if they do at all. I have no clue about sharks or jellyfish but I would guess that they have both and the water is actually pretty cool, not warm.

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