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Exploratory weekend August 15, 2009

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My first weekend in Hualien (well, sans typhoon) was really fun! It’s only Saturday night, but tomorrow will be the day of rest for me after this weekend.  Cassandra and I both have bicycles now so we’re able to ride around and explore.  Jackie, another English teacher nearby came to visit yesterday.  We met her at the McDonald’s near our place (it’s a great landmark to give people because of the tall sign) and then rode around to find a new place to eat.  We came across this little outdoor restaurant with beer!  haha, we pretty much just pointed to 3 dishes on the menu and took our chances.  The food was delicious!!  Definitely a place Cassandra and I will frequent since it’s right around the corner.  That was my first time having Taiwan beer and it’s really good!  I don’t even like beer and I like it.  We started off sharing a beer since they were HUGE bottles… then ended up with 4 empty ones hahaha

After that we were riding back home and there is this little outdoor area with grass and benches and there were ladies there having an evening aerobics class!  We rode up right as they were doing the macarena so naturally we hopped of our bikes and jumped in.  That was soo much fun trying to follow along so I wonder if they do it every night, or every friday or what.

Today we sat around the house for awhile watching our cable, enjoying the air conditioning.  Then we decided to ride into downtown Hualien.  It really wasn’t too bad of a bike ride, but of course a scooter would be much better.  I loved downtown!!!!  There are so many little outdoor markets and cheap cheap cheap stuff.  I found shoes for $5.  I really wanted another pair, some purple converse ones, but it’s very hard to find my monster of a shoe size here (40= 8 1/2) haha  We went to the KFC downtown lol, because we had coupons.  I’m so excited to have a “big city” area near us even though it’s not anywhere near the size of Taipei.

Here are some shots of the city (and the pizza hut delivery scooters haha) 


4 Responses to “Exploratory weekend”

  1. The BF Says:

    Do they have any programs for Pizza Hut delivery boys? If I get to ride that sweet scooter, sign me up!

  2. Mom Says:

    I bet they give tickets for RUI’s (Riding Under the Influence) there!

  3. Molz Says:

    Glad things have turned around. The classroom experience sounds fun and like you’ll be learning alot as well. Be careful with all the ridiculous weather and have fun (the apartment things seems to have been a good investment!).

  4. Caryn Says:

    Sounds like you’re fitting in just fine, and not being an “Ugly American” at all! Part of the experience is jumping in and doing new things, and you’re sure doing that!

    We experienced lots of earthquakes when we lived in California, but I only felt one in ten years! I figure I’m always a little off balance, so I don’t realize when things are shaking!

    Keep enjoying yourself, and good luck with classes starting soon.

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