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retraction: earthquake! August 12, 2009

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I love how I called what we felt “an earthquake!” and then mother nature was like, “ha, THIS is an earthquake!”

Apparently the teeny little tremor we felt was just a prequel to the earthquake that woke me up at 5:30 this morning.  Holy geez Louise in Belize that was scary!  I’m sure it was nothing to people here, just their weekly tiny quakes, but on top of the rumbling, I had to endure the feeling of my building swaying back and forth from the 12th floor!  AAhhh!  I couldn’t get back to sleep for an hour.  Had to pop in a Friends DVD to calm me down.

Okay, just wanted to make that correction =)


3 Responses to “retraction: earthquake!”

  1. The BF Says:

    2 words: sea band. =]

  2. Johnson Says:

    Seriously? Stuck in San Fran, typhoon and earthquake in 10 days. Girl, by the time this adventure is over you’re gonna have an entire box full of treasures.

  3. BF's Dad Says:

    okay…now I’m hooked on this blog…read it during lunch…you better not stop writing…..enjoying your musings about your adventure…

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