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Typhoon Tara August 8, 2009

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I survive my first typhoon!  The house I was in was extremely sturdy.  It was crazy windy outside, but we were cool inside, until the power went out.  Ugh, several hours in a new place where no one spoke English without my computer??  I managed to pass the time but reorganizing the things in my bag, lol, playing some solitaire, and making beaded bracelets with the little girl even though we couldn’t really talk to each other.  A lot of trees and branches blew over but other than that  I didn’t notice a whole lot of damage.  However, I haven’t seen the news so other parts of the island might have been worse. 

Ok so here’s the skinny on my living situation.  Doris, the director of my school, dropped me off at the house.  It was a very nice, westernized house, and the family is great.  BUT, they don’t speak any English.  I felt very lonely right away and realized how difficult it was going to be to ever feel “at home” therewith daily activities (showering, eating, watching TV, etc).  One of the two other girls who traveled down to Hualien with me is Cassandra.  She had already been apartment hunting and found one near her school, which is only about 10 minutes by car from my school.  It’s a two bedroom apartment and she said I could move in if I wanted to.  The apartment is 10,000NTD and we both get 5,000 from our schools so it would work out perfect.  SO, I had to decide.  Nice cushy living in a house with wireless internet, food always prepared for me, air conditioning, and within walking distance of my school, but no one to speak freely to in English, OR a nice apartment with an English speaking roommate but I’ll have to pay utilities, buy my own internet and food, and probably have to buy a scooter to get to my school.  I realize it was a lot to give up just to have someone to talk to, but I really really didn’t like that lonely feeling especially when I’m already so far from home, so I went with the apartment.  Cassandra signed the lease today, we moved in our stuff, and went shopping for bedding, food, cleaning products, etc.  We bought a DVD player since I brought along all my DVD’s =)  However, we found out that it wouldn’t play American DVD’s because of the country code or format or something like that.  Turns out Cassandra’s husband is a technology beast and talked her through some code you can put in to change the country of the DVD player.  Works now =) 

I hope we get some house guests soon, cuz our pad is pretty Saweet!


4 Responses to “Typhoon Tara”

  1. Johnson Says:

    I am with you!! If I could have someone to talk to that would be better than foregoing all the expenses. Glad you are getting settled. Mad love!

  2. Heather Says:

    Typhoon Tara!!! I am glad you found an apartment and a roomie. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things. Please post pictures of your saweet pad!!! ❤ Diva

  3. Cheryl Smola Says:

    Hi Tara Hey I remember so well when I went to France with my college roomie and at dinner everyone was speaking blah blah blah (french) and I sipped my soup lonely for some fool to say anything I could understand. Never happened. I am going to keep reading about your adventures and bet it gets better and more interesting and you will adapt I am sure. You are no”rotten banana!” Find some white chocolate girlfriend to help you thru the tough ones. We are here thinking of you and wishing you were too. Love Cheryl

  4. The BF Says:

    House guests eh? That sounds a lot like a hint…

    It’s a great relief that you were safe from the recent typhoon. Stay near brick buildings and never go anywhere alone!

    I miss you…

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